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5 Unique Alternatives to Pictures on Walls

Looking for interesting wall decor ideas to freshen up your space? You’ve come to the right place! Family photos and other pictures are among the most common types of wall art, and there’s nothing wrong with using them to decorate your home. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to do something a little bit different. If you’re ready to transform your bare walls into stylish focal points in your home, finding alternatives to pictures is a must. 

No matter your style and budget, we have ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. From completed diamond painting kits to wall-mounted plants, here are a few of our favorite unique alternatives to putting pictures on the walls. 

1. Diamond Art

When you want to grace your walls with beautiful artwork that’s a far cry from the traditional photograph or painting, diamond art is an excellent choice. Sparkly, three-dimensional diamond paintings are the perfect addition to any wall, and they come in an assortment of sizes to fit any space. Whether you are looking for a large focal piece or something smaller to fill an empty nook, there are diamond painting kits available to meet your needs. 

Learn How to Frame Diamond Art

Diamond painting is a hobby that’s easy enough for anyone to master and enjoy even if you don’t have any prior art experience. Once completed and framed, diamond paintings are lovely masterpieces you can put on display in any room of your home. And, with the right diamond painting storage solutions, you can neatly keep supplies on hand for making new works of art. If you are someone who delights in changing out your wall hangings regularly, picking up this hobby will allow you to switch things up every time you complete a painting. Your finished paintings will turn heads for all the right reasons and earn you compliments every time someone visits your home!

2. Bicycle 

Do you love getting out and hitting the trails on your bike? If so, why not incorporate your love of biking into your home decor? The garage isn’t the only place to wall mount a bike! Hanging a bike on the wall is fairly simple, so it’s a project most do-it-yourselfers can handle, and it’s a pretty great storage solution for those with limited space. In fact, wherever your interests lie, consider mounting the equipment that’s more personal to you: a camera, a musical instrument, an archery bow. Once the piece is on display, it will form a unique focal point in your home that’s sure to attract the attention of your guests. 

palm frond wall paper

3. Rug

Why walk all over a particularly stylish textile when you could display it on your wall instead? After all, human beings have been hanging woven fabrics on walls since the dark ages, so a sizable rug hung like a tapestry is an excellent solution when you have a large vertical space that needs to be filled. If this aesthetic appeals to you, and you want to try a floor covering as wall decor, look for a rug featuring an interesting graphic design and colors that coordinate with your space. You’ll soon see why rugs aren’t just for floors anymore!

4. Potted Plants

Plants don’t have to remain relegated to shelves and windowsills. They are a lovely alternative to hanging pictures on your walls, too. Wall-mounted and hanging planters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, and they’re a unique way to make your home a bit greener. Live plants work well for walls that get plenty of natural light throughout the day. Otherwise, you could invest in special plant lights to keep your leafy pals happy and healthy. High-quality artificial plants can be surprisingly realistic and work well, too. 

putting world map on wall

5. Personalized Map

Love to travel? Replace your traditional pictures with an oversized map. They come in a huge assortment of sizes, colors and even styles, so you should have no problem sourcing one that’s right for your home. You may even be able to find a free map and decorate your home on the cheap. 

When you want to decorate with maps, one option is to choose a map of a city or state that’s special to you. Alternatively, display a large map of the United States or the world, and add pins to mark the places you have visited. You could even use different colors of pins to signify places you have been and places you hope to visit. 

Closing Thoughts

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When you’re staring at the blank canvas of an empty wall and trying to come up with unique ways to decorate it, there are lots of options. Whether you choose to learn how to frame diamond art, breathe life into your walls with potted plants or even display a bicycle, it’s all about choosing something that reflects your personality and interests. Have fun with it – and remember that the best alternatives to pictures on walls are things that hold personal meaning and bring you joy.

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