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Diamond Painting Static 101: How to Get Static Out of Diamond Art Beads

Diamond art beads are beautiful and essential elements of any diamond painting. However, they can sometimes become a bit staticky. Unfortunately, static is an all-around nuisance. It’s hard to focus on enjoying the project when your beads are constantly getting stuck to your tools, hands, or each other. Luckily, several solutions are available to eliminate that pesky static once and for all!

Quick Intro to Diamond Painting

Just in case you are new to the world of diamond painting, let’s discuss what it is before we hop into diamond painting static. Diamond painting is a fun, relaxing hobby that all ages and skill levels can enjoy. It's easy to learn and master and doesn’t require any special skills or previous art knowledge or experience. Anyone can make breathtaking art with diamond painting kits.

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How Static Impacts Diamond Art

Static electricity is caused by friction; When you move your fingers over a surface (like the beads in your diamond art kit), they create friction which causes a build-up of electrons on one side of the surface. This build-up of electrons is called an electric charge, and it creates an imbalance between positive and negative charges, resulting in what we know as static cling. 

Diamond beads, or drills, are prone to static build-up because they are made of resin. This material doesn’t conduct electricity well, so the drills can't absorb any static charge that accumulates on your hands or clothing while working with them. The charge just stays there until something breaks down enough electrons to release the cling.

Preventing Static Cling

Static electricity can be extremely frustrating because it makes it difficult to work with your diamond art beads due to their tendency to stick together. However, there are some simple steps that you can take to prevent this from happening again:

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  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry before you start working on a project. If possible, don't wear synthetic fibers — like fleece or nylon — when you're diamond painting, as they tend to carry more charge. Instead, opt for natural materials like cotton T-shirts and jeans.
  • Work on your diamond painting in a clean area. If possible, turn off the air conditioner, heater and any other fans while working on diamond art bead projects. This will help reduce dust and pet hair in the air, which could cause static electricity problems later on.
  • Turn off any electronics that may be nearby (computers, televisions, etc.). These items produce small amounts of electrical charge that can build up over time, making it more likely for your sparkly diamonds to stick together.
  • Consider using a humidifier in your workspace to keep it from becoming too dry,  also a cause of static electricity. 

How to Get Static Out of Diamond Art Beads

Use a damp cloth to wipe the beads and remove any excess static charge. If they're still too charged with electricity, try spraying a small amount of water on them. This should eliminate the static charge. You may also want to wipe or spray your diamond painting tools to be certain they’re static-free. Ensure your diamond beads are completely dry before adhering them to the canvas.

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If you want to be extra careful about not damaging your artwork or work surface with moisture, consider using fabric softener sheets instead of wiping or spraying liquids onto them. Simply rub the drills with a dryer sheet, and the static should vanish. We also recommend cutting fabric softener sheets into small pieces and adding the pieces to your bags or containers of drills while in storage. This helps prevent them from developing a charge in the first place. 

Surprisingly, freezing your diamonds is another option. Just pop them in a container, put the container in the freezer for a little while, and the diamonds should regain their neutral charge. This works because the freezer increases humidity which eliminates static cling.

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Create Stunning Art That Is Static-Free

Now that you're armed with some knowledge, you have the power to keep your beads static-free. If your drills are already stuck together, try wiping them down with a damp cloth or fabric softener sheet. Remember to store pieces of fabric softener sheets with your diamond drills when not in use to ensure they’ll be static-free and ready to go when you decide to work on your project again. Proper preparation means you’ll never have to wonder how to separate diamond painting beads again.