The Best Diamond Art Kits for Animal Lovers


April 23, 2020

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closeup of cat eyes diamond art

Finding a new hobby can be a very rewarding experience because it provides you with a relaxing outlet to relieve stress and an opportunity to learn a new skill. In fact, research suggests that the more often you learn new things, the quicker you will be able to learn skills in the future, which is why we’re always trying out different activities and crafting projects. If you’re looking for a fun new activity to stimulate your brain and create something beautiful along the way, you should try your hand at one of our animal diamond paintings. This unique type of mosaic art uses a predetermined pattern and a variety of colorful diamond-like beads to make a larger picture that can be huge in your home or given as a gift. Check out our selection of the best diamond art kits on the market.

Why Make Animal Diamond Art?

Diamond art projects can be the perfect project to work on during a weekend getaway to a mountain cabin or an at-home craft you can slowly complete a little bit more each day during your free time. Many people like to select a more challenging diamond art kit once they’ve experimented with an easier set as an ongoing project. Some people leave their diamond art paintings at their workplace as a way to take a mental break during lunchtime while others keep projects at home or at a friend’s house if you’re collaborating on a particularly hard challenge. Here are some of the other benefits associated with creating your own diamond painting. 

Displays Your Interests

Everyone has their own unique hobbies and interests, and we like to show off the things that we love or the items that we created, so why not select your favorite animal diamond painting pattern and hang it in your home or office to let everyone know what an animal lover you truly are. When taking a space that we frequent and trying to make it our own, we often decorate with photos of friends or family, artwork that inspires us and pictures of things that we love, like animals, favorite movies and TV shows, band posters, etc. Our large selection of animal diamond paintings would make an excellent addition to any common space in your home or add some pizzazz to your office.

diamond art kit on completed piece

Match Other Home Decor

Chances are, if you’re a huge animal lover, you probably already have some adorable decorations featuring your favorite critters. Step up your animal decoration game with a bedazzled addition of our beautiful animal diamond paintings featuring scenes of animals in the world or mythical creatures gallivanting through the galaxies. It’s all about what fits your personal style. You shop for kits that have a similar color scheme to your home decor and pick out the perfect place to hang your next great creation. 

Switch Up Your Diamond Art Projects

If you’re already an avid diamond art painter, you’re probably looking to take on a new challenge, and diamond paintings with depictions of animals can be a more detail-oriented project. Because the features on some of these diamond art paintings are so intricate, you may need to put your skills to the test on this new project and spend some extra time getting each piece of the mosaic exactly right. We can’t think of any better way to become a better, more creative artist than letting your imagination run wild on your next big project. 

hand wrapping diy gift

Give It as a Gift

We’re always in need of beautiful and unique gift items for our friends and family. Giving someone a homemade present always adds an extra special element to the gesture, which is why we love giving diamond art kits as gifts! You can choose to complete the project yourself and present your friend with an excellent new decoration or, if you have a friend who is particularly crafty, you can give him or her the entire kit and let them discover the thrill of completing their first diamond art project. Not only do these items make the perfect birthday or graduation gift, but it’s a great present to give a friend or family member who might be home sick or recovering from a broken bone because it provides them with a fun, safe activity to do from home!

A Great Home Hobby

With finding a hobby that you really love, there can be many benefits, including an increased level of patience, relief from stress, overcoming feelings of boredom, boosting self-confidence and distracting you from bad habits. If you have a particularly stressful job that leaves you feeling physically exhausted and/or mentally drained at the end of the day, it’s a great idea to come home to a hobby because it will help to take your mind off the day’s work, lowering your level of stress and ridding you of those overwhelming feelings. Crafting is also an excellent way to learn a new skill or help you cope with boredom. When you finally finish your first project, you’ll be amazed at how adorable your painting turned out, giving you the confidence to take on your next challenge. 

Brain Boost 

completing peacock diamond art

Sometimes, we may feel unproductive, particularly during bouts of boredom, and we try to seek out new and exciting projects that can give us a sense of accomplishment and purpose. When you work on a craft like a diamond art painting, you can spend several days slowly creating more to this mosaic art piece, which will keep you alert and motivated. It is a proven fact that learning a new skill will make your brain sharper and help you have an easier time picking up another skill in the future. When your creation is finally complete, you’ll definitely experience feelings of success that will have you itching to start your next project!

The Best Diamond Art Kits for Animal Lovers


  • Magical Mama—Humans have long been fascinated by the mystical charm of a unicorn, a fictional creature with an ethereal appearance. And, motherhood is often the subject of some of the best artwork in the world, which is why this “Magical Mama” diamond art painting is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys mythical animals. This painting is perfect to hang in a child’s room with the adorable pastel shades and the display of affection between a mother unicorn and her baby.
  • Last Unicorn—This unique depiction of a unicorn uses a lot of brilliant orange and yellow colors to give off a warrior vibe, showing the unicorn’s strength and resilience through art. With long, flowing, golden hair, the unicorn design is excellent for diamond art painting because the faceted beads will catch the light and sparkle, much like the unicorn’s own visible aura. 

the last unicorn graphic


  • Home Sweet Home Cats—Home is where the cats are, which is why we have this diamond art painting hanging right in our entryway. 
  • Sunbathing Kitty—Our kitties love spending the entire day basking in the sunniest spot in the house, which is why we’ve added “Sunbathing Kitty” to their favorite hangout space! 
  • Sassy Cat—“Sassy Cat” is a hilarious project with a lot of personality. It features a cute tabby cat with a funky haircut like no other. We know you’ll just love using your creativity on this one.
  • High Street Cats—A funky and fun addition to your home decor, “High Street Cats” is welcoming and colorful to help brighten up any room.
  • Sneaky Cat—If you’re a cat owner, you know exactly how sneaky those felines can be, so “Sneaky Cat” will definitely resonate with you. A swirl of beautiful colors creates this cat’s tail, which she is using to peek out from behind, keeping a close eye on all her “hooman” friends. 
  • Oreo—A brightly colored design, “Oreo” is a great starter project with many areas of chunky color to help you get the hang of placing your diamond beads. This painting is eye-catching and adorable for anyone who loves cats. 
  • We Like You—Not something that you hear cats say often, “We Like You” is an adorable animal diamond painting that reminds us our cats DO love us, even when they give us that grumpy look right before dinner time or knock all of our jewelry off our dressers. With the phrase, “We like you. You can stay,” this project is the perfect welcome piece for your house or office. 

siamese tease graphic

  • Siamese Tease—These adorable Siamese cats look like they are ready to get into some mischief with their cunning smiles. Anyone with their own Siamese cat will definitely want to try completing this project, but it’s also great as a gift for your cat-loving friend.
  • Chillin With My Cats—Every self-proclaimed cat lady absolutely needs one of these diamond art paintings in their home. Drawn in a cartoonish manner, the design of this painting features a woman relaxing at home by the fireplace surrounded by her three cats. We can’t think of a better way to spend an evening!


  • Spot—Pay homage to your favorite canine with this adorable “Spot” diamond painting featuring a technicolored spotted puppy. 
  • Chow Chow—This species of dog is possibly one of the cutest with their fluffy coat and expressive eyes. If you love your chow chow as much as we think you do, you’ll definitely want to display this beautiful diamond art painting.

holding pet personalized diamond art

Lions and Tigers

  • Soul Keeper—Few animals are as majestic as big cats like lions and tigers, which is why so many people are fascinated by them. Try your hand at this mystical and wise-looking lion living in the clouds. 
  • White Tiger—One of the most realistic animal diamond painting designs that we offer, the “White Tiger” will jazz up the decor in any room.
  • Firstborn—For a diamond painting with a bit more mystery, check out the “Firstborn” lion design with dark, smoky colors. 


  • Owl You Need Is Love—Echoing the sentiments of beloved band The Beatles, these cutesy owls sitting together on a branch remind us of life’s more important gifts. 
  • Flying Eagle—Show your patriotism or simply enjoy the beauty of a creature as majestic as the eagle as it glides through the air over snow-capped mountaintops in this “Flying Eagle” painting.
  • Time—This diamond painting is a more serious take on a favorite flying animal—the owl. The subject of the painting is intricate, making it a more challenging project but worth the effort when you add that final diamond to create a true work of art.


  • Wolf Dreamcatcher—The wildness of the wolf has long fascinated humans because of their refusal to be tamed. This warrior wolf hints at the mystical side to these beautiful creatures and also taps into the world of dreams.
  • Dreamcatcher Wolf—Though the names may sound the same, these two paintings are vastly different. In “Dreamcatcher Wolf,” we see the close connection between the wolf and the phases of the moon, a mystical element that reminds us of how everything in this world is connected in some way.
  • Wanderer—The lone wolf is an intriguing image because it begs the question, “Where are you going?” This “Wanderer” wolf seems to have an ethereal quality, making us wonder about the line between the world of nature and spirits.

dreamcatcher wolf graphic

Mythical Creatures

  • Yin Yang Dragons—Nothing captures our imagination like mythical creatures, which is why we love this beautiful painting of two dragons intermingled. Any fan of Game of Thrones knows the power these fictional creatures can hold, which is why we love the fantastical elements of this painting. 
  • Adello— “Adello” is a hauntingly beautiful depiction of a creature that appears to be part deer, part human. The glowing green horn suggests a mystical element that gives the viewer a true sense of wonder. 

Animals in Nature

  • Black and White—Capture the magic of spotting a wild animal in its natural habitat when you work on creating this “Black and White” design with a gorgeous horse gazing out into the forest. 
  • Best Buds—This whimsical diamond art painting shows how friendship can bridge the gap between different creatures as a friendly bear makes friends with a little bird in the woods.

best buds graphic

Get Creative with a New Project

With some of the best diamond art painting kits on the market, Diamond Art Club has all the projects you’ll need to master this art form. Select one of our many animal diamond paintings to get started on learning a new skill and help reduce feelings of stress or anxiety–or simply pick up a new hobby that you can work on alone or with friends.