By Mandie Manzano

The Sleeping Beauty


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Inside the Diamond Art Club™ Kit

Our kits include everything you need to get started!

- Self-Flattening Velvet Tarpaulin Canvas Patent Pending (US 16/284688)
- Color Coded Rhinestones (Safe & eco-friendly 100% real resin)
- Magic Diamond Applicator
- Wax Pad
- Craft Tray

average rating 4.7 out of 5
Based on 3 reviews
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3 Reviews
Rated 5 out of 5
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I just love this picture. Very intricate and fun. Didn't think I could have so much fun doing this.

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Rated 5 out of 5
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Beautiful diamond painting for my first experience.

I am new to diamond painting, so Sleeping Beauty is my first project. I have nothing to compare this to, since my other orders are still in transit, I chose this piece because of the artist and it’s originality compared to what I have seen on the internet. I ordered the larger size since everything I have been reading says a larger canvas gives you more detail. I am about half finished and am very happy with the results. The canvas is heavy, I like the clear covering and the drills seem to have very few flaws. Yes, this company is a little more expensive, but no issues at this point compared to what I have been reading in posts from other vendors. This is a birthday gift for my grand daughter who will be 8 and I know she will love the sparkle. I am on the waiting list for a couple more that are out of stock. I would highly recommend purchasing from Diamond Art Club again.

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Rated 4 out of 5
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Finished my third picture

I love this company. I have ordered from other companies, and they do NOT match the quality that Diamond Art Club offers. The only complaint that I have, is that when I reached out to the Customer Service department to try and track my order, the customer representative was super short answered with me and kept telling me that I had not placed an order with them. It took me about 13 emails back and forth to actually have this person realize that I did know what I was talking about and she finally gave me the link to track my order. The order came and it was perfect:)

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Rated 5 out of 5
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A Different kind of Kit

A look inside what makes Diamond Art Club diamond kits unique!

Applicator tool placing purple diamond on canvas
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The D.A.C. Difference

Born out of passion and the pursuit of creativity, Diamond Art Club™ is changing the industry standard for 5D Diamond Painting. Our detailed artwork printed on premium canvas and made with high-quality diamonds shine brighter and look better in real life than on the package.

Our kits include everything you need to immediately get started on your new piece of art, including a premium velvet tarpaulin canvas that’s soft to the touch, high quality color-coded resin rhinestones, a diamond applicator, a wax pad, a craft tray, and easy to follow instructions.

Applicator tool placing purple diamond on canvas
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Better Diamonds

Cut with 13 and 26 different facets to reflect more light and made with 100% epoxy resin for richer, more jewel-like colors, Diamond Art Club™ diamonds shine the brightest!

We offer three different types of diamonds including round diamonds for easy application, square diamonds that fit edge-to-edge for a total mosaic look, and AB diamonds that have an iridescent coating that mimics the glow of the Northern Lights.

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Premium Canvas

Our Diamond Art Club™ kits come with a premium, patent-pending velvet tarpaulin canvas that’s both soft and durable, while being waterproof.

We cut each canvas with a special serge hemming technique instead of leaving the edges rough, so that it looks tidier and feels better to work with.

Since the canvas is engineered to roll out smoothly and lay flat, you won’t have to spend time smoothing out the canvas out of the box. And if any accidental creases happen while you're painting, the canvas will quickly release any fold marks.

Applicator tool placing purple diamond on canvas
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Long Lasting Adhesive

Never worry about diamonds falling off your painting again! Diamond Art Club™ uses a proprietary, high-tech adhesive formula engineered for easy application and long lasting hold. No sliding out of place, or falling off, even in high humidity!

Our canvases also feature a transparent adhesive covering, allowing you to see the entire painting at any given time. Visualize the finished artwork and see your progress on your painting as you create.

Applicator tool placing purple diamond on canvas
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Quality Printing

We proudly provide crafters with the largest selection of unique diamond artwork, working directly with artists to license and create paintings to suit any taste and decor. You won’t find these original diamond art paintings anywhere else!

To ensure our paintings has the same detail and beauty as the original design, our designers use a special, labor-intensive technique to translate original designs into a diamond art template with supreme clarity and perfectly matched colors. This also makes the symbols on your patient easier to read and understand for a more enjoyable creative process.

How to get Started

It's so easy to get started!

Hand pulling plastic film from diamond art canvas
Color Code
Color Code
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Hand pouring blue diamonds into plastic tray
Applicator tool on red wax heart
Applicator tool picking up blue diamond from tray
Blue applicator tool placing diamond on canvas
Woman mounting completed diamond art canvas on wall

Which to choose? It’s a matter of personal preference and our diamond art painters will tell you any choice is a beautiful choice.

Round drills equate to easier and faster fun. Unlike square drills, you don't need to meticulously place each round drill on the canvas. Round drills have a noticeable sparkle - unique to their 26 facets.

Square drills are the perfect option for those who want the fullest representation of their artwork. Although placing them require more precision, Square drills benefit from fitting edge-to-edge. With no canvas showing through, they help provide a complete mosaic effect.

The Aurora Borealis (AB) drills are our premium option. We use them as accents to create a glowy effect across your finished painting. These iridescent drills have a special coating that simulates the colors of the Northern Lights. They’re shimmering, ethereal and completely beautiful.

The larger the size, the more detailed your painting will be. We can fit more colors on larger sizes.

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