Premium Hand-turned Planetary Shimmer Drill Pen

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Our premium hand-turned drill pens give you the flexibility to switch from single applicator to multi-placer with tremendous ease.  Protected by a velvet pouch, each pen comes with a single placer tip, as well as two 4 & 7 multi-placer adaptors. Please note: The single tip is not interchangeable, and each pen will be unique in design since they are hand-turned. Please refer to customer review photos for examples of variance.

Full drill canvases are the best way to capture the brilliance and beauty of the original artwork. As these paintings are created by placing diamonds on every inch of the entire rendering, full drill canvases are perfect for those who want to dazzle others with radiant sparkle. 

Designed to spotlight a specific section of the painting, partial drill canvases make artwork distinctly stunning. Since only part of the canvas is covered by the diamonds, your featured subject will shimmer and shine as it sparkles against the pre-printed portion of the background. Great for those who want to direct attention to the soul of their masterpiece.  

Round diamonds are easier and faster to pick-up and put in place. They are generally preferred by beginners since meticulous placement is not required. With our unique 26 faceted round diamond design, your painting is sure to sparkle in ways that outshine any of our competitors!

Square diamonds fit neatly together, edge-to-edge, to create a complete mosaic look. They give a satisfying “snap” sound when you have filled in all the gaps and are close to finishing the painting. Covering the entire background, square drills offer a fantastic shimmer to any diamond artwork.

Aurora Borealis (AB) diamonds can take your diamond painting experience to the next level. These premium drills are covered in an iridescent coating that mimics the glow of the Northern Lights, adding an element of magic and excitement to your creativity!

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Premium Hand-turned Planetary Shimmer Drill Pen Reviews

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