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A Better Diamond Art Painting Kit

Diamond Art Club™ is changing the industry standard for 5D Diamond Painting. Unlike other brands, our diamonds and artwork look even better in real life than on the package.

All Diamond Art Club™ kits are full-drill, which means that when complete, your entire canvas will be covered with sparkling diamonds. Full-drill diamond artwork stands out from the rest with more brilliant colors and dazzling light.

Because you deserve the widest range art selection, we work directly with artists to license and create paintings to suit any taste and décor. You won’t find these original diamond art paintings elsewhere.

Diamond Art Club™ kits also make it easier to create with meticulously-crafted materials and instructions. Everything you need is clearly labeled and laid-out, so you can get creating right away with total ease.

Read on to learn how we’ve engineered Diamond Art Club™ kits to shine brighter and last longer than any other brand!


We believe diamonds should truly sparkle! That’s why our round diamonds are cut with 26 different facets, to reflect more light. We only use 100% epoxy resin, for richer colors and a more jewel-like look, perfectly color-matched to the painting.

Other brands use acrylic diamonds, and you can tell the difference. Unlike resin diamonds, acrylic drills have poor coloring, are easily cracked and can’t be shaped into square diamonds.

The quality shows when you compare Diamond Art Club™ finished paintings with traditional 5D Diamond Artwork.

With Diamond Art Club™, you can choose between 2.8 mm square-shaped, round-shaped or new premium Aurora Borealis (AB) diamonds.

  • Round diamonds are easier to manipulate and place.
  • Square diamonds fit edge to edge for a total mosaic look that’s especially stunning on larger canvases.
  • AB diamonds have an iridescent coating that gives your painting the glow of Northern Lights.

    Whatever you choose, you’ll be amazed at how the diamonds make your painting shine! We include plenty of highlight diamond colors in your kit, to make the painting look even more multi-dimensional and true to the original artwork.


    A poor-quality canvas makes your finished diamond painting look dull and unprofessional. That’s why your Diamond Art Club™ kit comes with a premium, patent-pending velvet tarpaulin canvas.

    The fibers are finer, softer and the canvas is engineered to roll out smoothly and lay flat. You’ll never have to spend hours pressing the wrinkles out when your kit arrives. And if it accidentally gets bent while you’re creating, your canvas will quickly release any fold marks.

    Instead of leaving the edges rough, as with other diamond art canvases, we cut each canvas with a special serge hemming technique. It looks tidier and feels better to work with.

    Your canvas also absorbs more color in our painting process and comes with a shimmery, glossy finish that will help your diamonds reflect even more light.

    And because we want your diamond art masterpiece to look gorgeous for the long-term, Diamond Art Club™ canvases are waterproof and durable.


    The beauty of your finished artwork depends on the quality of the painting. Some 5D Diamond Artwork is low-resolution, with a poor match between the picture you see online and the actual canvas.

    Instead, our designers use a special, labor-intensive technique to translate the original design into a diamond art template with supreme clarity and perfect-match colors. That’s why your Diamond Art Club™ painting always has the same detail and beauty as the original.

    Our high-tech printing process also makes the symbols on your painting easier to read and understand, for a more enjoyable creative process.


    Diamond Art Club™ uses a proprietary, hi-tech adhesive formula, engineered for long-lasting 5D Diamond Painting. This adhesive technology makes it easier to apply the diamonds — a light touch will do.

    And because our cement adhesive has a stronger grip, your diamonds will stay in place indefinitely. No sliding out of place. No falling off, even in high humidity.

    With your Diamond Art Club™ kit, you also get a transparent adhesive canvas covering, which lets you see your entire painting at any given time. This makes the process easier because you can visualize the finished artwork and see your progress on the painting as you create.


    Quality and safety are your priorities, and they’re ours, too.

    With Diamond Art Club, you get kits with skin-safe, eco-friendly materials. Feel good about what you’re handling for hours at a time when you use our products with toxin-free glues and inks.

    Each component of our kits has been tested and independently certified as compliant with US and EU regulations. That means our kits are made of only the best quality materials and are 100% safe to use.