The Diamond Art Club Story - old

How one diamond art painter made the craft more beautiful — and easier

Diamond Art Story

“A few years ago, I was stressed-out working 60 hours a week with barely enough time to eat lunch.  I felt like my creative soul was being crushed – I yearned to find an outlet to express myself, even if it was for only half an hour a day.  Everything changed when I discovered my passion for diamond art!“ — Diamond Art Club founder Angie Shehaj —

When Angie stumbled on diamond art in a Newport Beach craft store, she was intrigued… and very quickly, hooked.

“I found myself creating original mosaics in a matter of days. It was fun and meditative,” says Angie.

And yet, she wasn’t satisfied with the diamond art painting kits available.

“Too often, the picture online or on the package looked completely different from the finished painting.”

Why Most Diamond Art Painting Companies Get it Wrong

Angie noticed the colors of the canvases weren’t nearly as vivid in real life.

There were issues with the material, too  — stiff, rough canvas that wouldn’t lie flat or smooth out.

And while the art was meant to sparkle, in real life the diamonds looked dull or were a complete mismatch with the painting.

Although she loved the experience, Angie wasn’t happy with the result.

Sometimes she would work for hours on a diamond art painting only to be disappointed. More than once, she threw out the finished product because the diamonds weren’t sticking!

What good is a diamond art painting without the diamonds?

How Angie’s Frustration Sparked a New Kind of Diamond Art

Angie quickly realized the need for better diamond art kits… and made the shift from hobbyist to creator.

It started with sourcing the most beautiful art.

Angie believed diamond art painters deserved more original art, from true artists. Pieces that would look stunning in any room.

She started looking for unique artwork from popular designers and artists with followings on Instagram.

Her next step? To license these works directly from the artists and turn them into stunning diamond art painting kits!

Meticulously Made for More Beautiful Diamond Art Paintings

When Angie looked for companies to make her diamond art kits, she discovered why so many paintings don’t turn out. Cheap production meant low-quality.

That’s when Angie decided to start from scratch. She signed an exclusive partnership with a factory that really understood her vision.

Together, they worked step-by-step to source the most iridescent diamonds and premium canvases. Everything was re-engineered and tested until the kits worked perfectly and the finished diamond paintings truly sparked and shined.

Today, we’re so pleased to make the best quality diamond art kits anywhere available to you!

Why You’ll Notice the Difference

When you choose Diamond Art Club you get:

  • Truly unique designer art: Choose from the widest range of original artworks to suit any taste and any decor!

  • Velvety-soft canvases: Each artwork is rendered on a 100% velvet tarpaulin canvas that feels softer to the touch and folds out smooth, without wrinkles.

  • Colors that pop and shimmer: Unique production makes our paintings more vivid, with noticeable sparkle. The diamonds are a true color-match to the original artwork, so you get the painting of your dreams when you’re done.

  • Better bling: Our 100% resin diamonds have more shine. That’s because they’re cut for maximum light-reflectivity, whether you choose the square shape, the round-shape or new premium Aurora Borealis diamonds. AB diamonds have an iridescent coating that gives your painting the glow of Northern Lights.

  • Long-lasting beauty: Your Diamond Art Club painting will remain looking gorgeous longer because it’s made to last. The diamonds stay in place, even in humidity. And the permanent printing is scratch and fade-resistant.

  • Skin-safe, eco-friendly materials: Feel good about what you’re handling for hours at a time. Diamond Art Club glues and inks are 100% toxin-free.

  • Total confidence: Diamond Art Club kits make it easier to create with meticulously-crafted materials and instructions. Everything you need is clearly labeled and laid-out, so you can get creating right away with total ease.

Now, You Can Elevate Your Diamond Painting to an Art

When you’re finished? You’ll have a sparkling, shimmering, colorful diamond art painting that will brighten any room.

Whether you’re creating gorgeous works of art for yourself or a gift for friends and family, you will feel proud to show off every piece you create with Diamond Art Club.

Discover your next diamond art painting today!