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    Christine Karron Collection






    Limited Edition
    Diamond Painting Clover Fairy 25.6" x 34.3" (65cm x 87cm) / Round with 48 Colors including 4 ABs / 49,949

    Clover Fairy

    © Christine Karron

    Low Stock
    Diamond Painting Sleeping Fox 22" x 28″ (56cm x 71cm) / Round with 47 Colors including 2 ABs / 49,896

    Sleeping Fox

    © Christine Karron

    Diamond Painting Kitty Cuddles 22" x 30″ (56cm x 76cm) / Round with 53 Colors including 2 ABs / 54,127

    Kitty Cuddles

    © Christine Karron

    Final Edition
    Diamond Painting Queen Of Her World 22" x 29″ (56cm x 74cm) / Round with 34 Colors including 1 AB and 1 Special Diamond / 51,652

    Queen Of Her World

    © Christine Karron

    Diamond Painting Dancing Mouse Couple 22" x 28″ (56cm x 71cm) / Square with 49 Colors including 2 ABs / 62,600

    Dancing Mouse Couple

    © Christine Karron

    Diamond Painting Best Friends 22" x 30″ (56cm x 76cm) / Round with 52 Colors including 2 ABs / 54,127

    Best Friends

    © Christine Karron

    Diamond Painting Dear Diary 22" x 28″ (56cm x 71cm) / Round with 45 Colors including 3 ABs / 50,148

    Dear Diary

    © Christine Karron

    Diamond Painting Mixing Magic 22" x 29″ (56cm x 74cm) / Square with 50 Colors including 2 ABs / 64,821

    Mixing Magic

    © Christine Karron

    Diamond Painting Lilies and Pearls 20" x 27" (51cm x 69cm) / Round with 48 Colors including 3 ABs / 44,526

    Lilies and Pearls

    © Christine Karron

    Diamond Painting Forest Sprite 20" x 26″ (51cm x 66cm) / Square with 56 Colors including 4 ABs / 52,461

    Forest Sprite

    © Christine Karron

    Diamond Painting Water Nymph 20" x 26" (50cm x 66cm) / Square with 57 Colors including 3 ABs / 54,060

    Water Nymph

    © Christine Karron


    Christine Karron is a Canadian artist and illustrator. She was born and raised in Estonia and lived many years in Germany. Drawing and painting has always been her life. With some formal training, self-education and experience, between raising kids and taking care of her family, Christine has been working as a freelance artist for over 20 years. Working traditionally, Christine loves to create fantasy illustrations and characters with a whimsical, narrative touch, sometimes with humorous theme. Nature, music and people from her surroundings mostly influence Christine’s artwork, as well as precious memories from her childhood when picking flowers and berries in forests so deep like in fairy tales. Christine’s artwork has been sold worldwide, published in books and magazines in Europe as well as in North America. Christine has illustrated 6 children’s books and self-published multiple colouring books. When time allows, Christine shares her work in progress videos on her YouTube channel. Christine lives with her husband, their three kids and a dog in Central Alberta, Canada.