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Our Diamond Art Painting Canvas Differences

Diamond painting is one of the coolest and trendiest types of crafts right now. If you’ve never tried a project like this, browse our many amazing diamond painting kits and give it a go! Diamond paintings use small, faceted beads, called “drills,” to create a larger mosaic image. Some projects can take a few hours while others may take a few weeks, depending on how large and detailed the design is. 

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If you’ve been looking for a new craft, get yourself a diamond painting kit and experience the fun. For anyone new to diamond art painting, we’ve created a guide to all the features that set our diamond paintings above the rest. From our self-flattening canvas to our special glue adhesive to our branded packaging, learn more about the Diamond Art Club difference below. To begin, let’s discuss the importance of using our specially designed canvas in conjunction with our high-tech poured glue adhesive - two of the most important features of our diamond art painting kit as they create the foundation for your masterpiece.

What Makes Diamond Art Club’s Canvases Different?

Poured Glue Diamond Painting Canvas

All diamond painting canvases require some type of adhesive to allow the drills to stick to the design and create the mosaic. Some companies opt to take the cheaper, less effective way out by using a cheap canvas with double-sided tape rather than the higher-quality poured glue diamond painting canvas. 

Immediately after printing the design, most diamond painting companies will simply add a layer of double-sided tape that will lose its adhesion, particularly when the temperature changes.  This method is not as effective as the poured glue method. Meaning, you’ll be dealing with drills falling off the canvas as you’re trying to complete your project.

Poured Glue Technique

At Diamond Art Club, our diamond paintings are created using a “cementing” technique, which requires us to coat our buttery-soft canvases with a special type of glue before allowing them to dry in the drying chamber for hours. This type of glue is particularly suited for diamond art painting kits because it is extremely stable and will not lose adhesion even in large temperature shifts because it has a strong resistance to oxidation. 

Customized Canvases

One of the most frustrating things for avid diamond painters is when you open a fresh canvas only to find that it has been wrinkled and is difficult to flatten. There are methods for removing wrinkles in your painting, but most people want to get started on their project as soon as they receive the canvas. 

Learn How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Diamond Painting Canvas

Here at Diamond Art Club, we wanted to eliminate this wrinkle problem and provide our customers with the highest-quality canvas possible. So we decided to develop our very own proprietary, patent-pending canvas ourselves. To start we use a specially formulated heavy-duty, waterproof tarpaulin fabric as the base. With serged edges, each and every one of our designs are printed with a velvet backing that increases the strength of the canvas so to hold the entire project together without fraying or wrinkling. The surface coating of the canvas increases the quality of the colors, unlike other brands with cheap printing quality, and the canvas itself is soft to the touch.

Superior Design Quality

The quality of the printed canvas is extremely important, especially for beginner diamond painters, as you need to be able to clearly make out the corresponding numbers and colors to ensure that you’re properly placing the correct drills in the correct place.

Superior Color and Quality

Many companies use the quick method of exporting base-images on a computer, resulting in low-resolution and subpar color quality. Our designers spend hours, sometimes days, into creating each and every one of our canvas designs with a frame-focused method. Each image will contain between 10,000 to 30,000 frames, greatly increasing the clarity and creating superior color because the designers have painted each individual frame by hand —a much more time-consuming and intricate process which we’ve found to be required for our standard of excellence.

Types of Diamond Drills

When it comes to diamond drills, there are a few different types available on the market: round or square and resin or acrylic. The shape of the drills has little to do with the quality; this is more a matter of preference. 

Some people prefer to work with square drills, as the edges make contact and prevent space between beads. Although easier to place, round drills obviously do not line up exactly, creating a small amount of space between each one diamond. It’s difficult to notice the spaces between round drills when the product is finished, but for some people, this is bothersome. We have a variety of diamond painting kits available in both diamond shapes to suit everyone’s preference. 

celestial swirl rain drill

However, there are more differences in drills than simply the shape. The cheapest way to create drills is by using glass and plastic to form acrylic beads. This method causes the drills to have poor coloring and are extremely easy to break. At Diamond Art Club, we only use 100% resin drills, which hold better color and have a sturdier texture that lessens the chances of cracks or breaks. We also manufacture our round drills with 26 facets - unlike the industry norm of 13 facets only -  to give you twice as much sparkle which you deserve. 

High-Quality Packaging

Packaging is important when buying a product online because you want to ensure that it’s going to arrive in one piece. Our canvases are packed and protected in sturdy, thick, branded cardboard, which is easily recyclable. This strong, outer packaging is also waterproof to ensure that your kit will arrive in perfect condition every single time. 

There are few things as frustrating as waiting excitedly for your next masterpiece project only to receive it damaged because it was sent in a flimsy bag or box that can easily damage from wet weather or mishandling during shipping.

Waterproof Sturdy Packaging

Great Selection of Designs

With hundreds of different designs in a range of themes, our selection of diamond painting kits is one of the most extensive on the market today. We properly license artwork created by professional and freelance artists, whom we always give credit to unlike many other companies that reprint artists’ designs illegally and without acknowledgement. 

No matter what you’re interested in, you’re sure to find a design that you’ll love. Nature-themed diamond paintings make for relaxing decorations around the house while mystical creatures work well for a child’s bedroom or playroom. Browse our entire selection to see just how diverse our designs are, and find one that speaks to you.

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Excellent Customer Service

Because of our love for the craft, we want to make each and every one of our customers’ experiences as enjoyable as possible. This is one of the biggest reasons why we put so much attention and effort into the small details and features of our highest-quality products.  If you do need to contact our customer support team, we’re here for you and commit that we’ll do everything we can to give you the best diamond painting experience possible . With our highly experienced and specially trained support team, we’ll be sure to address your concerns and get you what you need as quickly as humanly possible. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best diamond art kits available, so we also offer a lifetime warranty along with accidental insurance for any diamond painting mistakes that occur.

So, Why Should You Try Diamond Painting Anyways?

Now that we’ve outlined the Diamond Art Club diamond painting canvas difference, here are some of our favorite reasons why you should try one of our unique kits.

Relieves Feelings of Stress and Anxiety

For those of you thinking about purchasing a diamond painting kit for the first time, there are so many great reasons to indulge in this hobby. Crafting of any type can be a kind of meditative practice, encouraging you to focus on the task at hand and allowing those feelings of stress or anxiety to slip away. 

As we get older, crafting is a great way to give our brains a workout, strengthening neural pathways and creating new connections in our brains. In fact, studies have shown that adults who regularly craft have better cognitive functioning as they age and fewer problems with memory. 

mom daughter crafts

Great Activity to Do with the Kids

If you’re looking for ways to spend more time with your children, especially during quarantine or during school breaks, why not try starting a diamond painting project together? If you want to create a collaborative art piece, sit down with your child(ren) and pick a large project which you both like or find smaller canvases that you can work on individually. Most projects are not completed in one sitting, so it can be a daily or weekly activity that you spend time doing together. 

Just as diamond painting and other crafts help the cognitive functions of adults, making arts and crafts aids children’s development as well. Any type of project will encourage your kids’ creativity, increase their critical thinking and communication skills and greatly improve fine motor skills. Diamond painting, in particular, is perfect for the development of fine motor skills, as it requires a great deal of patience and the precise placements of drills. 

Diamond Painting for Kids: Tips, Tricks and More

New Idea for Ladies’ Crafting Night

Get the girls together for a new type of ladies’ night. Ask each person to pick out a design that they want to create and turn it into a weekly gathering with snacks and a few drinks. You can each work on your own kit or work together on one while bonding over fun stories. Working on projects together will help inspire and may even teach you a few new tips and tricks that you hadn’t thought of before. 

group women laughing

If you don’t want to dive straight into your own projects, you can try working on one large piece together. In this case, you may want to keep the group small to make sure you each have enough room to work on your respective sections.

Make Unique Gifts

Few items are as special as a homemade gift, which is why we love giving diamond paintings as presents for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. If you have a crafty person in your life, we highly suggest gifting them a diamond painting kit and let them try this hot new craft on their own. Creating the project by yourself and framing it is another great idea for a gift as well. A completed diamond painting is truly a unique piece of decor that the receiver can display for years to come. Just be sure to find a pattern that will match the decor in their home or office. 

Decorate Your Home in Your Own Masterpieces

Once you get the hang of diamond painting, you may find yourself flying through projects, eager to take on the next challenge. But, what do you do with all of your finished paintings? Hang them up on your wall, of course! If you find yourself really enjoying your newfound crafting hobby, you may want to start picking designs based on the areas of your home which  you want to decorate.

Decorate Your Home

5 Unique Wall Art Ideas That Add Style to Your Home

Look for a theme that would fit well in your office or playroom—or seek out specific pieces for more common areas of the house like the living room or the kitchen. You’ll love the sense of accomplishment and pride you’ll have when you finish your first project and get to hang it on the wall for your guests to see. If you’re working on a project with your child, why not help him or her pick a canvas that they can also hang in their bedroom?

Experience the Diamond Art Club Difference

Whether you’ve been doing diamond paintings for years or you’re just now discovering this fun, new craft, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best-quality product for your money. You want a diamond painting kit that you can keep for years to come, which is why we, at Diamond Art Club, paid attention to every detail of our product, from our self-flattening,  poured glue diamond painting canvases to our branded protective packaging. Our designers pay special attention to each canvas’s clarity and color definition, and our superior-quality resin drills will prevent easy cracks or breaks, giving your finished project a gorgeous look.

When you purchase a Diamond Art Club painting, you will notice the difference. Browse our complete collection of designs and try your hand at one of our favorite crafts today.


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