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Unicorn Diamond Art

Create some magic and get inspired with our unicorn diamond art kits to add whimsy and fantastical beauty to any room. They are also for decorating playrooms, nurseries, or anywhere else where a little magic can help uplift your mood.

Our fantasy collection includes creative options you can use to match your unicorn painting for a fun, unique pairing is

Our Kits Shine Brighter and Last Longer

We focus on vibrant colors and never compromise on quality, giving you a diamond art painting experience with the best materials and the brightest color palettes. You’ll create a beautiful work of art inspired by the creative community of artists we work with. The unicorn craft kit comes with diamonds that are made out of high-quality 100% resin.

Our canvas is made out of materials that are easier to work with than traditional canvas. They’re made for diamond art painting and allow you to create your own unicorn diamond art with ease.

Perfect for Beginners or Pros

These art kits are made for everyone! The instructions are easy to understand and allow you to get creative without having to worry about where to place your diamonds. We include step-by-step information and easy legends that will help you place your diamonds perfectly.

We also offer everything you need for your painting in the kit! You can get started as soon as you receive your new diamond art kit, because all the materials and the tools you need to get started are included.

Ready to try other pieces with your unicorn diamond art? Shop our newest painting kits! And don’t forget to share your new, dazzling unicorn diamond art with our community on social media when you’re done.

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