Your Gorgeous Diamond Painting Kit is FREE (a $24.95 value!).
We Pay for the Painting. You Cover Shipping.

Shipping Cost

$8.95 / Painting
$29.80 / 4 Pack Bundle (Save $6 On Shipping and over $99.80 in savings on the kits)

Supplies that come with Diamond Art Club's diamond painting kits

Limit 1 of each.

Please don't try adding the same design multiple times or your order won't be accepted.

You can get the bundle of 4 for free & combine the shipping cost for $29.80 (Save $6)

Free Gift Painting ($14.95 Value)
(Full Canvas)

Free Gift Painting ($14.95 Value)
$14.95 + S&H

Diamond Organizer
(Full Canvas)
30 Units

Diamond Organizer F+S
$9.95 + S&H

Special: Blue Owl
(Full Canvas)
Round / 10.2" x 12.2" (26cm x 31cm

Special: Blue Owl F+S
$6.95 + S&H

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