Fruit & Vegetable Art Diamond Paintings

Fruit & Food Diamond Art

If you love the look of fruit art but also want something special, Diamond Art Club has it. You can make dazzling paintings out of kits that include 100% resin rhinestones.

Diamond Art Club was born out of a love for creating art and made for people who want something unique. Our fruit- and food-inspired diamond art projects will brighten up your home effortlessly. We focus quality and on guaranteeing our diamond art matches the designs in the kits, in addition to ensuring that they’re easy for anyone to do.

Quality Materials Ensure Quality Results

Since we only use quality materials and 100% resin diamonds in our kits, you can be sure you’re getting a great product that will last for a long time as a handmade wall decoration. The kits also include everything you need to get started, so they’re perfect for beginners and long-time diamond art creators alike.

Perfect Kitchen Decor

No matter what you’ve chosen as a theme in your kitchen, you can find fruit and still life diamond art that matches it. From fun and bold prints to traditional food with fun fonts, diamond art can add a touch of fun and sparkle to the kitchen. Creating fruit art is an easy way to spice up the look of your dining room walls while also letting you express your creativity.

With Diamond Art Club, you never have to guess what your project is going to look like when finished. Our packaging depicts accurate representations of the art, because our team creates the diamond templates from the original artwork by hand to ensure it, rather than mass-producing templates created by computers to approximate the design. Your fruit art will look the way you imagined it when purchasing the kit. It’s always a good time to pick up a new hobby, and when you learn just how meditative and fun diamond art painting is, we’re here to help you grow your collection.

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