Cultural Art Diamond Paintings

Find the Cultural Art Projects You’re Looking For

You can find beautiful cultural art projects at Diamond Art Club. Honor cultures from around the world in unique art designs from our community of artists, with bold colors and quality you can’t find anywhere else.

Both first-time diamond painters and experienced painters will enjoy the kits we offer. Our diamonds are made from the highest-quality resin and our kits give you the rest of the supplies you need to do your painting.

Easy to Understand Instructions

Even if you’ve never done diamond art painting before, you’ll be able to enjoy our projects. Our instructions are easy to follow and will demonstrate exactly what you need to do in order to make your painting look perfect. Your cultural diamond art projects will stand out and bring joy for years to come.

We know it can be exciting and fun, so if you knock over your supplies during the painting process, we offer accidental insurance for free.

Premium Quality Means Better Paintings

We use the best materials possible to ensure your diamond art paintings turn out perfect every time. Our art pieces are created specifically for diamond art and are fully saturated so the paintings don’t have any empty spots. Once you apply the diamonds, the paintings really start to pop!

If you’re ready to purchase cultural art projects, check out all the different designs. Are you looking for another piece to complement your decor or your cultural diamond art? We have many options available.

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